40 Days of Prayer Unites County in Intercession


It has been said that God comes where He is invited. That is what the churches and ministries involved in the 40 Days of Prayer are doing, inviting God to come to our County and transform it. More than a dozen groups and hundreds of people will be praying continuously from February 22, Ash Wednesday, to April 1, Palm Sunday. That afternoon they will be joined by hundreds more as the prayer vigil culminates in the Hosanna celebration.

Each church or ministry takes a 2 day block and organizes folks to pray around the clock. Some groups set up a central prayer room and others have folks pray in their home. Whatever method employed, the end result is ‘day and night’ prayer for God to transform Washtenaw County and beyond. Along the way the Lord stirs the hearts of more and more folks to faith and hope for His kingdom to come in our midst.

In addition to the continuous prayer, each evening there is an open prayer meeting from 7 to 8 pm at the church praying that day. This provides an opportunity for Christians from other churches to get involved and for those churches who are not currently keeping 24-hour vigil to stay involved through the whole 40 Days. Everyone is invited to come to as many of these as you can to share in the county-wide prayer and get to know brothers and sisters from other bodies in the County. You can get a complete schedule and the locations at www.JesusTsunami.com .