A Champion of Unity Passes Away

The church in Washtenaw County lost a great servant when Apostle Robert Hill of Christian Love Fellowship went home to the Lord on June 22.  Apostle Hill was the founding pastor of Christian Love Fellowship and had ministered in the area from the early 70’s.  In addition to raising up and overseeing a number of pastors and churches in different parts of the country, he helped found Power, Inc., a community development ministry here in Washtenaw county.  Apostle Hill was a founding member of the Pastors Alliance for County Transformation and served as the head of its Directional Team until the last few years when he battled ill health.  Many of us will remember him from the Hosanna events.  He often spoke and sometimes led a choir at these County-wide Palm Sunday celebrations.  He was a champion of Christian unity, especially concerned to see the divisions between Afro-American churches and other churches bridged.

Brotherly love was a very strong value for Apostle Hill and he emphasized that any real unity among the churches in our area had to be built on genuine relationship among the pastors, and the people.  He not only talked about this, but modeled it in the way he personally interacted with other leaders and the way he led his church to interact with other groups in the County.

Robert’s wife and co-pastor, Barbara, is carrying on the leadership of Christian Love Fellowship, so let’s pray for her, their family and the church.  And ask the Lord to raise up other champions of unity for His Body here in our County.