Brannstroms lead San Antonio Outreach

Brannstroms lead San Antonio Outreach Berta and Rune Brannstrom, former members of The Word of God are living in San Antonio, Texas, these days and heading up a ministry called the Nehemiah Intiative [see web site].  They have continued a mission to bring renewal and unity to the churches in their city.  Over the past year they organized a group of churches which targeted a particularly tough part of San Antonio known as the West Side.  Intercessors adopted all 160 streets in this area and prayed daily for them.

This summer over 40 churches joined in an outreach call SA2:10Call which ran for 8 days.  During that time 3 Vacation Bible Schools were offered, there was a job fair, a backpack give away, a festival with music, free haircuts and more.  Teams went to businesses and offered to pray for them.  In the process of blessing the business, several people gave their lives to the Lord and there were some healings!

God is at work brining transformation to cities all over the world – and he wants to do it here in Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti and Washtenaw County!  Let’s keep praying and serving as he leads us.

You can read more about the SA2:10Call in the note below from Rune Brannstrom to voluteers and hear a bit in the following video clip.

Dear SA210Call Volunteers and Friends of Nehemiah Initiative,

Greetings in the Name of King Jesus!  Thank you for making the West Side Outreach a great success!  Thank you for your faithfulness and for your patience in flowing with necessary changes in plans as we went along.  None of us can see the full picture of all God did.  Only God knows.  But one thing is certain.  The atmosphere on the West Side of San Antonio will never be the same.  God’s people joined together in unity to bring the love and the light of Jesus Christ to a once dark part of our city.  And you made a difference.

Some of the praise reports are:

  • Approximately 400 volunteers from nearly 40 local churches and ministries crossed denominational, racial and cultural lines to participate.


  • Several thousand adults, youth and children were served in different ways during the week.


  • Vacation Bible School (VBS) took place in five locations during the week.  On Friday a couple hundred of very excited children enjoyed games and food at the West End Park and Garrett Center at the grand finale party!  They shouted, sang and quoted Scriptures to an adoring crowd of parents and friends.  The impact God made in their lives was obvious on their faces.


  • Thanks to the clowns, face painters, and hot dog, cold drinks and pop corn servers. You made many youngsters happy!


  • Hundreds of adults went through our health screening and job/education fair.


  • Several teams visited businesses in our target area and asked if they could pray for them. Most were open to prayer resulting in several salvations and healings.  One man at a beauty salon wanted his wife prayed for but didn’t want any part of it himself.  He ended up giving his life to the Lord and receiving healing for his back that was scheduled for surgery the following week.


  • An amazing team of intercessors, both Catholic and Evangelical representing various prayer organizations, joined forces to create a protective canopy of prayer, 24/7, over the target area, the leadership and the volunteers. The effect was tangible.


  • One house was renovated and there are already plans for the second one.


  • Several West Side churches participated, especially in providing lunches for the volunteers throughout the week.


  • About 800 children received back packs and school supplies and many also took advantage of the free haircuts. Our hair cutters stood for hours—true heroes.


  • We partnered with District 1 Councilwoman Mary Alice Cisneros and her assistant, Milli Hohensee for the job fair and the back pack giveaway.


  • The talent show was an excellent way to welcome the community to participate in the festivities and the number one winner was a mime group from one of the West Side churches, St. Luke’s Baptist Church.


  • Our volunteers at our prayer booth prayed for over 70 people and several healings occurred.


  • Thanks to all of our musicians, singers, dancers and set-up and take-down people for their hard work.


  • Thanks to all the servants who took care of countless details and to the Boy Scouts, who took care of cleaning up the grounds on the last night.


  • A team from Crossbridge Church, who had been praying for that specific area, approached a staff member at one of the elementary schools to ask permission to pray on the school grounds.  The staff member introduced them to the principal who said, “Why do you want to pray out there?  It’s hot.  Come inside and pray.”  They were escorted by the school counselor into every corridor of the school where they prayed, welcomed the presence of God and blessed every classroom, staff member and student who would later attend school there.


  • On Thursday evening, a staff person for an elected official asked the speaker to make declarations over the West Side to break strongholds. A powerful time of prayer ensued.  The following day a major prostitution ring in the target area was busted by the San Antonio Police Department!  


  • The following media covered the SA210Call: KDRY, KTSA, KEDA, WOAI, Telemundo, Univision, The Beacon and The Southside Reporter. and have reports and videos.


In His Joy,

Rune Brannstrom and the Nehemiah Initiative Team