EACH at work!

Giving Everyone a Chance to Hear – and to experience- God’s love in Southeast Michigan is the goal of EACH. It really amounts to the Church being the Church, witnessing in word and deed to God’s saving work in Jesus Christ. And a lot is happening. The 530+ churches and ministries involved in EACH have been telling their 2WordStories, tens of thousands of folks have come to the 2WordStory.com site, there have been medical clinics and resource fairs, site clean-ups, and even flash mobs! Many of us in The Word of God have been wearing our 2WordStory shirts and have gotten into conversations with folks who are curious what all the buzz is about. Often these exchanges are brief, but a few have developed into meaningful discussions. Look for sharings from folks at this site in the days ahead.

Several EACH groups in Washtenaw County decided to join in serving our neighbors through the YpsiPride Day on Saturday, May 21. We worked alongside other volunteers to cleanup and beautify sites all over town. A great opportunity to show some practical love, and get in yet more conversations about our 2WordStories, and some of our co-workers’ stories, too!

This coming Saturday, 5/28, Teresa Reimer has spearheaded an outreach to collect deposit bottles and cans to support a clinic in the Congo and non-perishable food for the local food pantry at Hope Clinic. We will be going through the Geyer’s neighborhood inviting folks to join in helping those in need – the Lord’s compassion in us mobilizing compassion in others.

This is a season when the Lord is stirring the Church in Southeast Michigan, and preparing folks’ hearts for the seed of the Gospel. Let’s be actively praying, sharing, and serving and see what God will do!