EACH Detroit Prayer Walk

20,000 people crowded outside Comerica Park in downtown Detroit, but they weren’t waiting for the Tigers to play. There were there to pray for the Lion to roar! Saturday April 16, the day before Christians celebrate Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem, people from all over Southeast Michigan gathered in Detroit to cry out for the Lion of Judah to enter and heal our region. They came from city and suburb, from different races, and from different denominations, but they came together with one heart. Everyone A Chance to Hear (EACH) had united them in a common vision to pray for our region, to share the good news, and to express the Gospel in good deeds over the 40 days after Easter. Now was the time to root the campaign in prayer with one voice.

The day didn’t start out promisingly. It was pouring down rain. This was particularly ironic because Chuck Gaidica, the weatherman for Channel 4 TV, was the moving force behind the prayer walk! As a sign of blessing, though, God the true Weatherman, caused the rain to stop and the sun to break out just as worship began that morning. The rain held off during the whole prayer walk down Woodward to Hart Plaza and back, and then began again afterward. There has been a sense of the Spirit moving as EACH has developed from a handful of churches to over 500, and this seemed to be a further confirmation that the Lord wants to visit Detroit and Southeast Michigan at this time.

For more information on the EACH campaign go here and here or to the www.eachtoday.com web site. Let’s keep praying for the Lord to open hearts and bring people to life in the Son in the coming days. Detroit and our region has been dying in the natural. May the Kingdom of God break in to bring it back to life!