United Public School Outreach this fall

The students of Washtenaw County have been a prayer focus for the IMPACT prayer room and intercession in general for many years. It is looking like the Spirit is moving now in response to our prayer as doors are opening and churches are coming together for an outreach to public schools this fall. Churches in PACT and others are working together to bring Reggie Dabbs to speak at school assemblies September 26-28. (go to http://reggiedabbsonline.com/ for more info) Reggie is the #1 school motivational speaker in the nation and will be addressing the vital issue of bullying. He has a big impact on kids at their school assemblies, and then he invites them to evening rallies where he can preach the Gospel as the true answer to their issues. Area churches will be sponsoring his appearances and working together to follow up with young people who respond at the evening meetings. The goal is to not only bring the students to a point of decision but to get them into a living connection with a local body where they can receive support and discipleship. MissionChrist will be doing what we can to support this outreach. In the process of talking with local schools, we have discovered that the Lord has His servants in many strategic places in the County. The new principal at Ypsilanti High School is a committed Christian who has worked with Young Life in the past and is eager to have the churches involved in reaching out to kids at his school. He even gave some great ideas for how to go about it! The wife of one area pastor is the principal at Ypsilanti Middle School and there are also Christian principals serving at least two Ann Arbor middle schools. These are examples of how the Lord deploys His people into all of society to bring the influence of His Kingdom—the theme for our Fall Retreat!

Let’s pray for a great mobilization of the churches to reach the young people in our public schools and for the Spirit to grant them the grace of repentance and faith! This is a major front on the spiritual battle in our day and we need to Lord to supply a break through!