The Word of God Launches New Website

PicPhilTiewsFinally catching up some with the 21st century, The Word of God is launching a website so revised it is really new!  Our vision is to be more than a barebones source of information about the community.  We hope to provide resources people, both community members and others, will find helpful and encouraging as they seek to follow the Lord.  Check out the library for articles on a variety of subjects and testimonies of God’s work in people’s lives. This is meant to be a collaborative effort – a community website in fact and not just name!  Several of the articles have an option for adding a comment to dialog about the topic and share what God is teaching us.  If you would like to add an article, we are eager to hear from you.  You can send it to Phil Tiews at .  The Lord has poured so much into our lives over the years in The Word of God, we hope the website will provide a venue for sharing some of that with other brothers and sisters.  We also welcome suggestions for how to improve the site.

The new site was possible due to the massive effort of Matt Stauffer and Steve Lucchetti.  Lots of thanks to both these brothers.  If you would like to join the team to continue developing and maintaining the website, please contact us!