Healing of Vision -- Steve Thomashefski

Sometime during the months of September and October of 2003, I noticed that the vision in my right eye seemed to be progressively getting worse. I saw Dr. Gary Moss on the 14th of October to have my eye checked. Having seen him in January of 2003, he asked why I was back so soon and I gave him the explanation. He told me in January the vision in my right eye was 20/60 and the vision in my left eye was 20/70.

After the eye exam he said something like this: “In 20 + years of practicing optometry I have never seen anything like this. Your right eye is still 20/60-70 but your left eye is 20/25! That’s like 5 lines on the chart!

He proceeded, at no charge to me, to look at and test the 3 factors that determine vision:

     1.   the depth of the eyeball;      2.   the shape of the eyeball;      3.   the condition of the lens.

The depth and shape of the eyeball (which he measured) were the same as they were for as long as I’ve been his patient. He did not have the equipment to measure the lens but after a ‘visual inspection’ he said he could see no difference from previous exams. As a scientist, he had no explanation for how my vision improved so radically!

Glory to God who “gives sight to the blind”! In part I feel like the Lord is doing in the “natural” while at the same time He is also sharpening and clarifying my vision of the “supernatural” 

Thank You Lord Jesus!