Pine Hills Boys Camp -- 2009

We have been running the Pine Hills Boys and Girls camps so long that they are now led by former campers—who were themselves at camps led by former campers!  There is a heritage of more than 25 years of building into the lives of young people, introducing them to a deep experience of the Lord, and pointing them toward a Spirit-empowered life for Jesus.  And God has blessed the campers and staff year after year! BoysCamp200902This year we faced some special challenges.  More than ever before, the camp is reaching young folks with no historical connection to The Word of God.  This is wonderful in that it extends the reach of our mission.  But it also means that campers come with less background and have to ‘hit the ground running’.  Some have no experience with charismatic life before getting thrown in the deep end at camp.  But God worked wonderfully to open kids hearts and bring them into an experience of the Spirit.

Given the state of the economy, there were financial challenges, as well.  Many families struggled to be able to afford camp.  Initially we only had 50+ boys signed up, largely because of this.  We had a tremendous response among the girls, eventually accepting 128 campers!  However, many of them needed scholarship help, as well.  Eventually we were able to make it possible for 92 boys to come to camp.  In total we extended more than $15,000 worth of scholarships, almost three times the annual amount for the last few years. 

But the investment by community families, former camp families, churches of campers and others was worth it.  Both the Boys Camp and Girls Camp leaders reported that this was probably the best year ever—and that is saying a lot!  There seemed to be a greater sense of unity among the staffs, more responsiveness on the part of everyone to the Lord, and on top of all that they had great weather!

Below you can hear from the campers themselves about their experience at camp.  Let’s keep praying for them that what the Lord began in them at camp will be sustained in the year ahead.

At Pine Hills I really experienced God and had a lot of fun.  Thanks a lot, J.BoysCamp200901

I really liked the high dive.  It was sooooo awesome.  I also liked the final battle.  I pulled liked, 13 raider flags.  I threw a balloon at Mr. Awesome, but it bounced off and I got really amazed.  I also kind of experienced God.  Not as much as last year though.  But I will still try to be good at home and talk to God all the time.  Well, that’s about it ok.  Bye.  C.

I felt God’s love for the first in a long time.

I really experienced Jesus this year at Pine Hills and that is very special to me.

I have never been so close to God in my life.  M.

I experienced God’s love for the first time.

I gave my life to Jesus and went all out for him for the first time this week.  C.

I experienced God’s love powerfully for the first time.  And I had one of the best weeks of my life.  M.

This camp was one of the most fun things involving God I’ve ever had.  I wish I could come every year but I hope that others have the same experience as me.

I heard God’s voice and learned how much he loved me.

I have experienced God in one of the most intense prayer meetings ever in one of the best weeks of my life

I have been going to Pine Hills for 3 years and this year I experienced God’s love the most.  B.

I’ve experienced God’s love in a way I have never experienced before here at Pine Hills.  Thanks to prayer meetings, I have recommitted myself to Christ Jesus.

I’ve experienced God in many ways before this year at camp, but this year was really special because I was ‘slain in the Spirit’ for the first time.  And it was one of the best experiences in my life.  M.

I spoke in tongues for the first time.   D.

This camp experience has been the best experience in my life.  I have built up my joy, confidence, (muscles), spirit and lot more stuff.  This camp is the best and I hope I can continue coming.

For the first time ever I’ve felt the will to get out of my shell.  M.

At Pine Hills I came to be the man that God wanted me to be both spiritually and mentally.  I thank The Word of God with all my heart for the great service you have done to me.  Your works have saved many souls and I am truly grateful for your undying efforts.  P.