Healing and Forgiveness

Check out one of the amazing testimonies from our healing meeting last month from Zora,

When my husband Allen Singer shared the email with me from Phil Tiews announcing that Brother John of the Cross, would be speaking at St. Luke's. I told my husband I was interested in hearing this speaker. I love learning and thought I was going to attend a biblical lecture on healing. I had no idea that the Word of God had regular healing meetings, and I was not expecting what I experienced that evening. When Brother John started his talk, I realized we were not going to delve into a scripture study on healing. What I was hearing were testimonials from Brother John of his experience praying for healing for many, and sharing a few supporting bible verses. As he shared testimony after testimony of those that were healed, I felt a spiritual excitement. I felt like his stories were a glimpse of something broader the LORD is starting to do worldwide. Perhaps the LORD had me come so I could hear an answer to a Hebrew prayer I pray with my Messianic Jewish brothers & sisters every Saturday in our Synagogue. It's the Aaronic blessing: "The LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you, the LORD turn His face toward you and give you peace". I close my eyes during that blessing, and after each section the congregation responds: "May such be your will". With my eyes closed while hearing & responding to the Aaronic blessing, I always picture the globe of the earth, and ask God to pour His spirit abundantly upon Israel and have His spirit overflow abundantly among all the nations of this earth he created. I end with "LORD, we need a revival like we've never seen before." Back to the healing meeting, I no longer was disappointed that I wasn't attending a bible lecture on healing. That disappointment was replaced with blessings that God's spirit is being poured out upon our nation, and I started praying that His spirit would pour upon those in need of healing here at this gathering. As the meeting moved to people being invited to come forward for healing, I asked my husband if he thought I should go and request prayer for symptoms lingering from a concussion I had as a result of a car accident. He encouraged me to go forward for healing, reminding me that at the beginning of the meeting there was a word of knowledge given that there was someone here as a result of a car accident. It was out of my comfort zone but, as I stood in line I focused on praying for others needing prayer. Then there I was before Brother John and Peter Williamson, asking me what they could prayer for me. I told them in Oct of 2017 my car was rear-ended & almost flipped over. I had a severe concussion and for over a year now have been depressed & irritable and that was not my personality. Doctors said this is common when brain neurons get exposed to such traumatic brain injury. I told Brother John & Peter that by God's grace I keep apologizing to my husband for being irritable, but that this depression & irritability is really wearing me out. Brother John asked if I had forgiven the person that rear-ended me. I quickly responded "not face to face, but yes I have forgiven her".  As Brother John & Peter laid their hands on me and began to pray, by God's grace, I started feeling a conviction of guilt, and realized that I did not forgive the girl that caused the car accident, my concussion, and the depression & irritability that has haunted me for over a year now. I interrupted their prayers and told them that God had revealed to me that I have not forgiven her. I then prayed: "LORD, forgive me for not forgiving her. I do now forgive her, and ask that you help her with all the help she needs".  Brother John & Peter then continued to pray, and praise be to God, a heaviness was lifted from me, and I felt a joy and a lightness that I knew was from the hand of our LORD. I praised and thanked Yeshua (Jesus) and his servants Brother John & Peter. I wanted to wait a week before I shared this testimony with the Word of God community. This past year I became all too familiar with what each day would bring - spiritually fighting depression & irritability to no end. This past week I awoke each morning and walked cautiously each day ready for my fight, only to find I've been smiling with overflowing joy that the LORD has returned me to my personality before the accident. I'm back to the normal human level of irritability, no depression, no surprising unexplained bouts of crying. The LORD has healed me, and blessed me with days of joy. Glory be to His Holy name! Here I am LORD, use me.