What does it mean to be an ecumenical, charismatic, missionary, Christian community?

ECUMENICAL While we members of many churches and Christian traditions, we recognize one another as members of Gods family, as brothers and sisters in Christ and seek to be an answer to Jesus’ prayer that ‘they would all be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you.’ Jn 17:21 MORE ON CHRISTIAN UNITY

CHARISMATIC All Christians are born of the Spirit. God wants us to be filled with His Spirit and to empower us with gifts of the Spirit to live together as disciples and join in His mission with power.  We encourage one another to walk by the Spirit more and more, and urge others to open to the Father’s gift through Christ. 

MISSIONARY Jesus didn’t save us from our sins only to enhance our life, he delivered us from the kingdom of darkness so that we can be part of His rescue mission.  We are now ambassadors of reconciliation and are sent into every field of life as missionaries of His grace. 

CHRISTIAN The work of the Spirit is to transform us into the image of the Beloved Son. Cooperating with the Spirit and encouraging one another, together we want our lives to be transformed to reflect the life of Jesus. 

COMMUNITY Unfortunately, Christians in America have too often settled for polite or friendly relationships in the church when the New Testament holds out a vision for a much richer connection between Christians.  We are trying to learn how to love one another with gracious, committed love expressing our family relationship as brothers and sisters in Christ 

God has given us a vision for the breath of His Kingdom beyond the limits of our own churches and traditions and the depth of life available in Christ through the Spirit.  Come and join us on the journey together!