EACH – an initiative for Everyone A Chance to Hear the gospel in SE Michigan

Almost 200 churches in the metro Detroit and SE Michigan area are coming together to pray for our region and point toward a saturation outreach of ‘good news and good deeds’ in the 40 days after Easter 2011.  What began as an idea of one church to reach its neighborhood has mushroomed into a regional movement as the Spirit has impressed on many churches the urgency of this time in the history of SE Michigan.  You can get more information on EACH at their web site www.EACHtoday.com .  The PACT network of churches and ministries, including The Word of God, are discerning how the Lord might want them to engage with this initiative.  There are great similarities between how the Lord has led PACT and EACH including a deep conviction about the priority of cooperation and the foundational position of prayer in any Kingdom enterprise.  During these initial phases of EACH churches are urged to pray, networks of intercessors are being mobilized, and large prayer gatherings are taking place.  The 40 days before Easter, which most churches celebrate as Lent of course, will be a time of fasting and prayer for the region.  Beginning with Easter, there will be some coordinated ‘macro-strategies’ launched such as ad campaigns, possibly a major march, etc., and each participating organization will launch the ‘micro-strategies’ the Lord has given them for their area.  The 40 days of outreach will conclude with a major celebration, possible at Ford Field, and then plans for follow-up and discipleship of new believers will be initiated.   The Spirit is stirring the church to love, unity, and mission.  Regardless of how The Word of God and PACT gets involved, let’s be praying for the Lord to work through EACH to bring thousands to himself and further the transformation of our region.