Who are you pouring out your thoughts to?

Twittering? ? ?As an old-timer (anyone over 50 or 40 or . . .?) I've watched the twittering and texting phenomena with a bit of bewilderment.  What is twittering, what drives people to text or twitter, what do they get out of it?

The who and what are pretty easy.  A twitterer is anyone connected (seemingly constantly!) to the internet sharing what they are doing NOW.  Their thoughts about what they're doing.  What they're thinking, feeling . . .  It seems almost like forever, but first we had email, then the internet followed by Facebook.  We all used to have pure landline phones — hardwired to the phone company.  For those with a need and lots of $$$ there were satellite phones (bulky, expensive to buy, and even more expensive to use).  Finally low-priced cell phones emerged and for many cellphones have now turned out to be cheaper than 'old style' phones.  Cellphones morphed into cellphone/internet devices and the next step seemingly naturally was using the phone for texting and twittering...

What's the attraction? Why, why, why???  Why do people find it so necessary to share so much (everything!!!) about their lives with not only friends but . . . anybody who cares to take the time to look?  Why spend so much time and energy? ? ?  I'm sure that for at least some, it's just because they can.  Am I asking JUST because I'm not with IT  . . . ?

A while ago, I heard a Christian broadcaster speaking about the twittering phenomenon.  They raised the interesting thought that perhaps there is a deeper need/desire to share with friends and others.  Maybe with the crumbling of family life there is some sort of psychological need to reach out and connect to SOME sort of family, even if only an online family.  Perhaps there's an unmet need to find friends and acceptance.  THAT made a certain amount of sense to me and got me thinking about what they were saying.  

Do Christians Tweet? NOT ONLY DID IT MAKE SENSE . . . **BUT** perhaps there was a deeper reason!  Could there be a relationship between twittering and Christianity?

Scripture tells us:           rejoice always, pray constantly,           give thanks in all circumstances,          for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you   (I Thess 5:16-18)

Doesn't that sound just a bit like twittering — with God???   Scripture tells us that as we live our lives we should always practice the presence of God!

Jesus is and/or should be the most important person in our lives.  He cares about us more than anybody else in this world can!   He is always there willing to listen.  He is always there with a kind word and wisdom to help with whatever problem or issue we have to face.  He is always there to rejoice with us in good times and comfort us in bad times.  MOST importantly — what he tells us is always TRUE and exactly just what we need to hear at the moment...

Unbelievably, twittering with God the Father or Jesus or the Holy Spirit requires absolutely NO special equipment.  There are no batteries to run out.  Even those of us who never learned to type or type with so many misspellings that our messages are unintelligible —  the Lord always understands.  Not only does he understand what we're saying — more importantly he KNOWS what we really meant to say!  Typing takes time and for some can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome — twittering with God leads only to peace!  It can be done anywhere, anytime, by anyone, at any age…  Twittering with God can be done while driving, at the gas pump, working, washing dishes, setting the table, cooking, in the middle of night in our beds without any need to turn the lights on or to use any electricity or any mechanical device!

I encourage you to try it!!!   Spend some moments twittering — with God.  Fill your empty time twittering — with Jesus!  Twitter away your innermost thoughts and needs — to our loving Father.   Need power to overcome some temptation or for healing?  Twitter your need to the Holy Spirit...

Try it — I'm sure you'll like it.  Better yet — make it a habit!

Count me — all a-twitter for God!

Stephen Lucchetti